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Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Ebola hemorrhagic fever epidemic killed 932 people in Africa, according to a new audit released Wednesday by the World Health Organization (WHO). This account was established on August 4 and speaks of 45 new deaths between 2 and 4 August, and 108 new cases recorded in four West African countries - Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Nigeria.

In total, 1,711 cases were registered in these four countries: Guinea 495 (351 confirmed and 133 probable and 11 suspect) of the 363 deaths, 516 in Liberia (143 confirmed and 252 probable and 121 suspect) of the 282 deaths 691 in Sierra Leone (576 confirmed and 49 probable and 66 suspect) including 286 deaths and 9 in Nigeria (zero confirmed, 2 probable and 7 suspect) including one death.

This new stock is issued in the context of the emergency committee of the WHO International Health Rules held Wednesday and Thursday in Geneva a meeting dedicated Ebola epidemic to decide whether this is a "public health emergency of global reach." This committee will announce its decision Friday in a press conference.

A public health emergency of global range is defined as "an extraordinary event that is likely to pose a public health risk to other states because of a disease that spreads abroad and may require an internationally coordinated response ', as a release of the World Health Organization, based in Geneva.