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Monday, 25 August 2014

triangle of death in Black Sea
There is an incredible phenomena occurring near the Romanian Black Sea shore. Over-called triangle of death, the phenomenon identified in the Black Sea in the vicinity of Serpents Island moves in the direction of Sulina, on the Romanian coast.

The Bermuda Triangle is manifested by extreme magnetic anomalies. Locals have learned to stay away from this area, learning these things from parents and grandparents. They say that a strange phenomenon portends darkness. Scientific sources come to confirm some of the stories of people who live in the area, especially from Ukrainian scientists as "bloody water" is near neighboring countries.

In the Black Sea, near the Snake Island, located 45 km north-west of Sulina is a real Bermuda Triangle. Residents of Sulina have reason for concern: according to the latest measurements, the damned area is get close, slowly but surely, to the city. Although the area is known since the Middle Ages, few have heard of this triangle, called the death triangle. The Turks made ​​the first stories about the strange vortex. Countless stories reports on disappearances surprising calm waters in broad daylight.

Researchers have found that there is an area offshore of 8-10 km, the triangular relationship, they manifest a peculiar form of magnetism, totally abnormal to the manifested, for example, the flux and reflux times in different phases of the moon. Top stories of some strange fenemone as tall columns of white steam that swallowed ships have fast made ​​centuries ago by some Turkish sailors who barely escaped the vortices. Russian story talking about the same white columns in an instant swallowed ships whole, disappearances occurred in broad daylight.

Russian and Ukrainian scientists have concluded that the fault of the mysterious triangle magnetic cell in the Black Sea opens at a fraction of a second to several minutes. This magnetic anomaly is moving slowly through the Black Sea, and at the moment, the Romanian seaside, specifically at Sulina. Is it a gateway to another world? Paranormal enthusiasts support this theory, but only them. 

Romanian and Bulgarian fishermen have avoided the coastline, since there were some legends and superstitions that the water is cursed. Athens Greek press note that it is necessary to state clearly that Romanian officials are the coordinates of this form to avoid certain disaster. Greek private plane has disappeared in this area and, according to the source, Russian officials say, every two days, this mysterious phenomenon occurs. and here hypothesize that these abnormalities could be gateways to worlds that open only at certain times.
fisherman scared by triangle of death
Scientific facts are recognized by a study conducted by researchers at Harvard, supported by NASA Astrophysics Data System This signals the magnetic anomalies in the Black Sea, citing a paper written on the subject of Russians Osipov AA Terekhov GVsi the 1978 rule , magnetic anomalies occur due to the existence of one or more deposits usually occur in feroase- fault ruptures in the Earth's crust reflections or other such unusual geological phenomena. Overcoming scientific studies, all those who were hit by this phenomenon, in one way or another say that there are anomalies "evil" that is manifested by a pathogenic radiation emission.   

These "evil anomalies" were state secret in the USSR, and after the opening of archives and the first evidence emerged about the disappearances of ships. On 31 May 1944 the cruiser Tiolkovsloi disappeared without a trace south of Crimea, 70 km offshore, in broad daylight. Witness was captain a ship nearby, which told that that cruiser was suddenly enveloped by a fog black with green flashes, and just disappeared from radar screens, although the weather was good foarten. Followed, after five months, five military planes entered the green flashing black fog and disappeared from radar screens on which were traced. They have never been found.

Researchers observed a strange coincidence but, spent in different parts of the world but similar in terms of anomalies and phenomena occurred. Thus, on December 5, 1945, five American bombers TBM-3 Avenger Grumnan type, disappeared in the darkness of the Bermuda Triangle of the Americas. Inexplicably, other 5 Russian bombers disappeared on the same day within the Triangle of Death near the Crimea, only 70 km from shore. Russian rescuers have not found any trace of them, and the last broadcast signaled a bunch of riders who could not get out.

Closer to our days, in 1990, a small
Greek plane disappear only 30-40 km from Romanian shore in a place where the Romanian and Bulgarian fishermen don't walk because of legends and superstitions about "bloody water".  

Russian scientists say that these magnetic anomalies are disturbing frequency, producing a one to two days. Currently, the Ukrainian army carefully studying the magnetic fault that moves slowly from their area, to the Romanian territorial waters. The American television channel ABC, both in the Bermuda Triangle (between Bermuda, Puerto Rico and Miami) and the "Triangle of Death" in the Black Sea observed a strange fire "burning ice"

Another unexplained phenomenon produced in the target vessels flying electric generators. It works, but electricity produced not reach the consumer, the situation remains unclear.