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Sunday, 7 September 2014

Vladimir Putin Traian Basescu
In a long press conference, the Romanian President resumed the conclusions of the NATO summit in Wales, spoke of threats to Romania and  give an answer to Ukraine President. "Romania is following the decisions of the NATO summit in Wales a country that will be defended in any war scenario. NATO in Brussels does not have a budget that distributes countries, but states will have to contribute to the protection of the Navy , air, land, will take money for Romanian security.

I pointed chain frozen conflicts in the Black Sea. All conflicts are controlled by the Russian Federation and can be activated at a time or all at once heated. After the annexation of Crimea, Russian fleet in Sevastopol is only 160 nautical miles from the Romanian border. There are cruiser Moscow, frigates, destroyers, which in 6 hours may be on the Romanian coast of the Black Sea. Events in Ukraine that have been our formidable argument demonstrating that Russia may act irrationally. And then why exclude the possibility that on your country (Romania) Might cause this. 99.9% aggression on Romania from Russia can not produce. But it remains 0.01%.

This concept (New Russia) is a new threat to the national security of Romania. Putin's plan is to reach the Danube. Yesterday, one of the leading terrorists in Eastern Ukraine announced that their goal is to reach the Romanian border, Chilia arm.

I saw all the press noted one thing that seemed extraordinary: a headquarters in Romania. He did not, however guarantee our security. He will lead applications, exercises, and only in case of war will be military intervention, coordinated with central headquarters will be in Italy. No command is key.

I understand what the situation is Poro┼čenko. It's where he thought he could liquidate the Ukrainian army separatists situation. Failed. Probably tried to give an explanation. I argue no appeal. He made a foray on the eastern flank where NATO puts 28 states to protect this area. This scenario is not available. Is that 0.01%