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Saturday, 29 November 2014

dog in clothes
Cold, wind and humidity give problems to pets, even if staying longer in the house, to heat their entire body receives signals from outside. 

If you have in the house a "veteran" - a dog or cat older - you should know that, for him, winters are much harder to bear than for the "young". A medical examination will determine whether the risk to suffer from diseases "disturbed" by bad weather: arthritis, osteoarthritis, ankylosing, heart disease, neuropathy and hormonal problems.  

You must know suffering, to take measures: for example, a dog with arthritis will be less and walked slowly step to avoid the risk of joint sprains, ligament tears, etc.

In dogs with short fur, the chicken, the elderly and those with health problems may be impaired thermoregulation, so I have to wear clothes. Paws cushions should be cleaned after every ride in the snow, as substances used to melt snow and ice are irritating. Equally important is the application of moisturizers for pads, as they may crack in the cold. 

Even if your nose out of the house, cats still have wormed regularly internally and externally - fleas can cross the threshold hang clothes and shoes masters, then moves on their favorite host: cat.

With respect to cats used to sit and out, this is strongly discouraged to spend the night in the house roofs and day: sudden temperature changes increase the risk of rhino-traheitei, bronchitis, asthma.