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Monday, 15 September 2014
The newest American weapon is incredible

boeing laser weapon
US army might in the near future have a laser weapon capable to break drones and other objects in a blink of an eye. 

Boieng currently working on a weapon called the United States Army High Energy Laser Mobile Demonstrator (HEL MD). This is a laser weapon with a power of 10 kW that can be mounted on vehicles.

In the latest test, the weapon failed to break 150 drones, missiles and other targets smaller. The laser is precise and can quickly take down targets in different environments, according to Boeing.

Demonstration of the Boieng is just a prelude to what follows. In 2016, the United States Army wants to have the equipment 30 kW laser weapon under Office of Naval Research.
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Friday, 12 September 2014
Traian Basescu kicked out of the negotiations with the IMF

traian basescu and victor ponta
Representatives of the Government and the central bank starts next week in Brussels for the next review of the IMF, EC and WB, discussions taking place for the first time outside the country without the participation of the Presidency, political parties or unions, according to the program.

Unlike missions in Bucharest, which covers a period between ten days and two weeks of negotiations in Brussels will be highly concentrated, over four days, starting Tuesday, September 16, until Friday, September 19.

Negotiations in the first two days will bear the technical staffs will look only budget implementation to date and the second budget revision this year, which will include CAS reduced by 5 percentage points since October 1.

"The decision was related to the internal context of the election campaign, both parties understanding that the discussions will not be used for political purposes, but rather technical discussions. IMF is typically not engage in domestic politics during election campaigns, but it was necessary this assessment mission to take place, "government sources told Mediafax.

Many analysts contacted by Mediafax considers that there is a high risk that the IMF agreement to be broken if the government will implement all election promises, including pension and salary increases.
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Wednesday, 10 September 2014
Gigi Becali has sold his palace to Cosmin Olaroiu

Palace of Gigi Becali
Gigi Becali is believed to have sold the palace from Alexander Avenue, which he bought in 2006, under pressure from creditors.  The building currently has no bodyguards, and one of the former guards said to have been bought by Cosmin Olăroiu.

The phrase "Gigi Becali Palace" seems to have become one of the past, imposing building located on Alexander Avenue recently changed their owner. Becali's financial problems, plus necalificarea Star in Champions League (in the presence of the club groups would be charged € 20 million), it led him to implement extreme solution that target for some time.

Becali announced several months ago that it would sell the palace and that he wants to about 9 million. Pressure lenders and real estate prices have made ​​Becali agree with the amount of 5 million.

No one knows exactly how much money you gave real estate Olăroiu if took full the debts that you have Gigi Becali, if he paid only a difference if he became sole owner or bought together with old friend Gino Iorgulescu. 

Certainly is that Becali's employees have disappeared from the area, and currently, no one takes care of the palace. "I heard that it will be took by Olăroiu. It will make a luxury restaurant. In  November we will go home, I was informed that we no longer work here," confided one of the bodyguards of the palace.     
Palace from Alexander Avenue is a copy of Rodin's Palace, in Paris, and was built in 1920 after marrying lawyer Iancu Manu with Zeta Cantacuzino. In 1932 it was bought by industrialist Max Auschnit. After nationalization in 1948, the palace was the residence of Prime Minister Petru Groza, guest house and later the Argentine Embassy. Former palace Auschnithas a total area of 2,000 sqm and 3,000 sqm garden. The total surface area is 5,200 square meters. Gigi Becali paid for the building and land 7,000,000 EUR. 
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Tuesday, 9 September 2014
Romania national under-21 football team lost 0-8 against Germany

angry romanian fan
No chance of qualification for EURO 2015 for National Youth of Romania which also missed the chance to get honorable out of preliminaries. After the success against Italy (friendly) and Montenegro (official match), it seemed that the youth national team is growing and there are real opportunities as the kids involved by Viorel Moldovan. 

Since chances of qualification had already swept the match with Germany was only one record for Romanian players from the National Under 21's just our team managed to take the counter goal after just 20 seconds, the first action of the German attack. By halftime, the score was already 4-0 for the Germans, and the match ended 8-0! German football machine had mercy on Romania, pointing out how many times had the opportunity and missing and other occasions huge! For our part, we can record only a missed opportunity Bălaşa 5-0. Romanian defense was the one who "betrayed" Viorel Moldovan, with large gaps on both backbone and tape.  

Romania finished second qualifying group, but we do nothing to help position and humility Germany will leave deep traces in the morale of the players. In the other match of the group, Faeroe won 1-0 game with Montenegro. On final table. Germany 20 points, Romania 12 Montenegro 11, Ireland 8 Faroe 4.
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Sunday, 7 September 2014
Traian Basescu: I'm 99.99% sure that Russia won't attack Romania

Vladimir Putin Traian Basescu
In a long press conference, the Romanian President resumed the conclusions of the NATO summit in Wales, spoke of threats to Romania and  give an answer to Ukraine President. "Romania is following the decisions of the NATO summit in Wales a country that will be defended in any war scenario. NATO in Brussels does not have a budget that distributes countries, but states will have to contribute to the protection of the Navy , air, land, will take money for Romanian security.

I pointed chain frozen conflicts in the Black Sea. All conflicts are controlled by the Russian Federation and can be activated at a time or all at once heated. After the annexation of Crimea, Russian fleet in Sevastopol is only 160 nautical miles from the Romanian border. There are cruiser Moscow, frigates, destroyers, which in 6 hours may be on the Romanian coast of the Black Sea. Events in Ukraine that have been our formidable argument demonstrating that Russia may act irrationally. And then why exclude the possibility that on your country (Romania) Might cause this. 99.9% aggression on Romania from Russia can not produce. But it remains 0.01%.

This concept (New Russia) is a new threat to the national security of Romania. Putin's plan is to reach the Danube. Yesterday, one of the leading terrorists in Eastern Ukraine announced that their goal is to reach the Romanian border, Chilia arm.

I saw all the press noted one thing that seemed extraordinary: a headquarters in Romania. He did not, however guarantee our security. He will lead applications, exercises, and only in case of war will be military intervention, coordinated with central headquarters will be in Italy. No command is key.

I understand what the situation is Poroşenko. It's where he thought he could liquidate the Ukrainian army separatists situation. Failed. Probably tried to give an explanation. I argue no appeal. He made a foray on the eastern flank where NATO puts 28 states to protect this area. This scenario is not available. Is that 0.01%
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Friday, 5 September 2014
President Traian Basescu is closer to 3rd suspension

basescu suspended
On the day that President Traian Basescu of Romania met all targets NATO summit in Wales and appear in photographs talking with President Barack Obama, Angela Merkel and British Prime Minister David Cameron, in Bucharest, an old enemy had prepared something. Tariceanu, former Liberal premier now an ally of Victor Ponta, initiate the suspension of Basescu. Third, after the first two who was influenced by Dan Voiculescu.

Calin Popescu Tariceanu sees Valeriu Zgonea as Romanian President just before the presidential election in the fall. And for that starts the third suspension from office, he said, following that just Zgonea, president of the Chamber of Deputies, to take place in case of a successful Basescu.

Minister has already achieved indictment against Basescu and issued a press release to the homeland. Ironically, Tariceanu wants to dismiss Basescu in a referendum on the same day the first round of presidential elections on November 2, one month before the president will end the second term.

"Given that many violations of basic constitutional evidentiary put into practice by the President in the years 2013 and 2014, proposed constitutional initiation of suspension and dismissal of the President of Romania, with the following schedule: suspension by the President of the Romanian Parliament on the eve of 23 September referendum to dismiss the President of Romania on November 2nd, the same day that is held the first round of presidential elections. coincidence its first round of presidential elections referendum for dismissal of the President of Romania will create favorable conditions for the fulfillment of legal quorum 50% + 1 "writes Tariceanu.

Former Liberal president, Basescu appointed premier in 2004, the DA Alliance has prepared an indictment against the President. Among the accusations: Parliament's statement that Basescu's resignation was required to involve his brother, Mircea Băsescu, the scandal Bercea, leaders meeting with President PMP alleged attempt by the president to change Corina Cretu appointment to the post of Commissioner Dacian Cioloş.

Tariceanu said that he wants to be the interim president of Romania, but will give his position to Valeriu Zgonea. The referendum as stipulated in Law 3/2000, and Article 95 of the Constitution, the proposal to suspend the president may be initiated by a third of no. Deputies and Senators, a proposal which, voting in plenary meeting, in this case, the necessary 234 votes, 217 coming from the USL. Majority vote takes place, however, after being received the approval of the Constitutional Court. Proposal of suspension from office of the President becomes aware that Parliament has the right to give explanations about the facts he is accused.

If the president gets to be suspended in 30 days to organize a referendum for dismissal, requiring 50 + 1 votes of those present to vote for the president to be dismissed.
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Wednesday, 3 September 2014
Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao could have a match in 2015

Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao
Floyd Mayweather shock facing  of Manny Pacquiao could take place in 2015. After years of waiting, two of the most talented boxers of all time might meet in the ring.

 Promoter Bob Arum revealed at the weekend that the parties are closer than ever to reach an agreement to establish the game. Until then, Manny Pacquiao has already started the war with a statement that will not fail them no good to Mayweather.

"I am sure that is not afraid to fight. Rather what I could do one evening his record being unbeaten. Believe that I began to understand it, to understand what it says, how it behaves. Do not like. What I learned and what I heard from him makes me realize why this is so. understand that sometimes people who are not educated are just loud.'s a bad example to follow, "said Manny Pacquiao.

The reaction comes after the rapper 50 Cent mocked social sites on Mayweather, letting it be understood that the boxer can not read.
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Mircea Badea has plans to run for the position of President of Romania

Mircea badea vs motociclisti
Mircea Badea has announced plans to run for president of Romania. The announcement was made during his show.  Everybody hopes this is just a joke, because he does not want to upset his boss, Dan Voiculescu and compete with Victor Ponta.

The announcement was made in context of the conflict between Mircea Badea and Romanian bikers. "I'm getting ready to run for president. There is a very good reason that would cause you to announce my candidacy for President of Romania. I want to be rival to Mr. Tariceanu, who is biker".

You can imagine what it would look a country would have as president Mircea Badea?
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Tuesday, 2 September 2014
Putin wants to replace Eurasian Economic Union with Greater Russia

putin and borat
Recent statements by both Putin and Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev, though moderated by courtesies, suggest a muffled disagreement between Moscow and Astana. Some believe that Russia's stance on Armenia and its campaign in Ukraine have contributed to the reported chill.

Nazarbayev said that he would quit the Eurasian Union if the terms of membership are changed or if the membership poses threat to Kazakhstan's independent statehood. Putin issued a reminder that Kazakhstan "had never had statehood" before Nazarbayev.

If the information provided by Russian journalists are correct, then Vladimir Putin stated that his counterpart from Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev experienced "created a state in a territory that has never had a state ... Kazakhs had no statehood, he created it! "
Nursultan having previously praised and presented as initiator theoretically of the Eurasian Union, precisely to avoid Moscow the charge resurrection of USSR, the current head of the Russian state, the new structure mentioned. Suddenly, one of the three countries signed the documents creating the new union and delete right to their own national history, even before Sovietization four centuries had a bridle free imperial predecessor, now the Soviet Union.  

In this case, neither Belarus should not feel safe. For now, this third member of the future Eurasian Economic Union has been targeted by negative speech of President Vladimir Putin. 
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Monday, 1 September 2014
Romania hit by the bluetongue disease

sheeps Romania
Bluetongue disease was confirmed in dozens of locations in Buzau county, Vaslui County and Prahova, affecting mainly sheeps but also cattle and goats. EU experts explain methods of transmission, the characteristics and dangers of this disease affecting livestock exports already showing a map of restricted areas in Europe.

Bluetongue is characterized by inflammation of the mucous membranes, congestion, swelling and bleeding, but most of the affected animals heal illness. Sheeps are generally the most affected, while cattle and goats usually has no severe clinical signs of disease even if they carry the virus for a certain period.

The virus is transmitted through a small number of species, biting flies of the genus culicoides. Culicoides can be considered an important vector for the transmission of bluetongue when they have the ability to become infected and transmit the virus to replicate. In southern Europe culicoides imicola is the main vector for transmission of the virus. However, several native species of northern culicoides are capable of transmitting, as demonstrated by outbreaks of bluetongue in areas outside the geographical range of culicoides imicola.
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