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Wednesday, 11 May 2016

20 years has passed after the wedding of Nadia Comaneci with Bart Conner

It was 20 years after Comaneci wedding Burt Conner. The two have a son together and form one of the most solid couples. In the most important day of her life, the former athletic wore a wedding dress was unique and admired by the whole world.

Nadia demireasă dress by Yumi Katsura has created one of the most respected fashion designers in the Land of the Rising Sun. In 2011, Nadia i did Yumi Katsura's visit. Yumi is the one who, in 1996, I created Nadia wedding dress, which "Goddess" said the first time that has sentimental value, but also large financial.

"It was a gorgeous dress, which were sewn pearls 10,000. At the time, the dress cost $ 150,000! But for me, beyond the financial value very high, it has a special sentimental value. I was very pleased to see her Ms. Katsura, who, besides being a fashion designer is known, is a special person, "said Nadia Freedom in some time ago.