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Saturday, 7 May 2016

Apocalypse foretold by the monk Johann Friede

Apocalypse predicted by Johann Friede is a series of prophets that Austrian monk from the 13th century has bequeathed.These prophecies are generally referring to the future of mankind ever since, presenting first instance world catastrophes will rebound and that will bring death to millions of doameni before the end of the world brings.Johann Friede was a pious monk who lived between 1207 and 1257 who has devoted his life to spirituality and religion, receiving the gift of divine prophecy.He left his prophecies write a manuscript that reveals the fate of mankind as it was left by divinity. In his prophecies say that mankind will develop feelings of hatred, greed, apathy and cruelty that will reach to become the norm, which will eventually and at the end of the world.Monk said that before mankind be destroyed apocalypse that brings doomsday will come changes in climatic and solar storms will change how people live on the planet, nay, and magnetic poles will be changed, according monk prophecies.Earthquakes would destroy the world and kill millions. write grim prophecy is considering natural causes not only human but also because man will have an important role in the imbalance that will cover the planet.Johann Fride also said that because of technological advances, man has overcome natural limits and so it will counter with their own weapons. He said that when artificial light will not be able to operate more than 500 suns coming from the constellation Ursa Major will light the Earth.People will panic and the birds will lose the power of flight turning into reptiles. That is not all, because the monk prophet has other grim details of the apocalypse.