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Thursday, 19 May 2016

What food consumed daily oldest woman in the world

Emma Morano, the oldest woman in the world, has revealed the secrets of his longevity, in an interview with Washington Post: daily consumption of raw eggs, a good sleep, and enjoyment with a few glasses of brandy.

Italian Emma Morano, a bachelor, received Friday morning that it is the oldest woman in the world (116 years) after its opponents in the race longevity, Susannah Mushatth, died last week. On hearing the news, the old lady exclaimed: "Oh God, I'm on this earth since the world".

Emma Morano was born in northern Italy, in the Piedmont region, on November 29, 1899. Now lives in a small town on the coast, on the border with Switzerland. Despite his advanced age, doctors say that venerable lady has no health problem.

New York Times reported in 2015 that as a teenager, Emma suffered from anemia, so her doctor recommended daily consume raw eggs, which usually never gave up today.

The Italian was separated from her husband in 1938 when he was 39, and since then has not remarried since hates to be dominated. Moreover, she believes, giving up a marriage and live a quiet life assured, the evidence and reached old age.

Emma Morano was retired later, at age 75. Had Over time, various professions: was, among other things, cook and factory worker.