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Thursday, 31 July 2014
What you should do to avoid being sick on holiday

sick on holiday
Nobody wants to be down to the bed because of a cold, especially in hot weather, when the last way you want to spend your weekends is treating a sinus infection. Do not think that only occurs in the winter cold, because experts warn that summer is her season. We tell you how to stay away from it, especially if you prepare your holiday.

Trips are quite tiring for the body, doctors say, but hotels are more dangerous to the immune system. When you're on vacation, you tend to go to sleep later and wake up earlier and less than seven hours of sleep per night increases three times the risk of taking a cold. In addition, eat foods that normally have not been eating as well as ice cream, candy, junk food and have a diet rich in sugar and less vitamins and minerals (research has shown that sugar weakens the white blood cells which attack harmful bacteria). But there are some ways that you can keep in mind to stay away from colds and other illnesses holiday.

A week before you go on vacation, take one 2,000 mg of vitamin C per day to strengthen your immune system, and eating foods rich in probiotics. "Good bacteria" found in yogurt, kombucha tea, kefir or sauerkraut. If you have a problem with pills, you can take the necessary vitamin C in oranges, red peppers, strawberries, broccoli and kiwi. Sleep is also very important, so rest.
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Inna and Pitbull released the clip for "Good Time" (VIDEO)

Inna Good Time
Inna released the clip for "Good Time", the latest collaboration with American rapper Pitbull. The song "Good Time" is from the album "Soy LatINNA" especially dedicated for fans in Latin America.

The song "Good Time" was released in early July with a "lyrics video" which has 4 million views on Youtube. Inna and Pitbull have collaborated last year on the song "All The Things You Do", which was included in the album "Global Warming: Meltdown" of American rapper.

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Ramona Gabor separates from Arab lover

Ramona Gabor arab
If a few months ago there were rumors that the Ramona Gabor will walk down the aisle on the arm of her boyfriend, the star's plans have been turned upside down. Brunette apparently broke up with her ​​millionaire partner.

While Ramona post on her Facebook account pictures with smiling and bright in her soul's a storm. Youngest Gabor broke up with her Arabic ​​boyfriend Ahmad, and it seems that the reason to visit her bigger sister is just to pass quickly over failure in love.

Now brunette walks all the picturesque places in Los Angeles, with Monica, but when she would return to Dubai where she lives for several years, will not return to the luxurious life that gives to Ahmad. When she was with Arab on her Facebook account, Ramona publish images that show received expensive gifts to loved. However, the model will not give up entirely on ease, as her income from modeling and not ignored.
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Justin Bieber received a punch from Orlando Bloom

Orlando Bloom Justin Bieber
The singer had been hit by actor Orlando Bloom. The bone of contention between the two would be model Miranda Kerr, ex-wife of Hollywood star. The unpleasant incident take place in Ibiza, where two famous international artists have been involved in a scandal.

According to international media, Orlando Bloom would be hit Justin Bieber annoyed by the fact that the young singer would dare to flirt, as a parade Victoria's Secret model Miranda Kerr, none other than the ex-wife of the actor. The two together have a baby boy named Flynn.

Justin Bieber would be punched by Orlando Bloom. The incident occurred Wednesday at Cipriani restaurant in Ibiza. In a video posted on the internet is surprised when attempting separation of the two stars involved in the altercation.
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Wednesday, 30 July 2014
The fastest SUV in the world on the Nurburgring

Range Rover Sport SVR Nurburgring
Range Rover Sport SVR performance version of the British SUV became the fastest SUV in the world on the Nurburgring circuit, managed a time of only 8 minutes and 14 seconds. Range Rover Sport SVR performance version of the British SUV has strained muscles on the world's most disputed circuit: Nurburgring.

Still in the concept stage, the new Range Rover Sport SVR has managed to become the fastest SUV on the Green Hell. It is no surprise, given that the future Range Rover Sport SVR will be at the launch on the market, the most powerful SUV Land Rover range.

The British model is powered by a V8 engine of 5.0 liters and 550 horsepower. With such resources under the hood and a sprint from 0-100 km / h in less than five seconds, Range Rover Sport SVR managed to walk the nearly 22 kilometers of the German circuit in 8 minutes and 14 seconds.
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Ukrainian Army has used for the first time short-range missiles against rebels

ukraine missile
Ukrainian army used short-range missiles in the operation which runs since April 15 against armed pro-Russian insurgency in eastern Ukraine, announced Tuesday television channel CNN, referring to  three sources in the U.S. intelligence.

In the last two days, according to CNN, the Ukrainian government forces used missiles equipped with warheads of 454 kg, with a range of 89 km. These missiles are the most destructive weapon used by Ukrainian army since the beginning of the conflict, stresses CNN.

Television channel quoted officials did not specify where rockets fell and what damage they caused. A representative of U.S. intelligence indicated that the U.S. is unlikely to provide satellite images on these trucks because Ukrainian soldiers are 'good guys'. A party of CNN described the attacks as an 'escalation', while stressing that Ukraine has 'right to protect himself'.

Kiev authorities undertook a
large special operation on April 15 against pro-Russian rebels in southeastern Ukraine, which broke out after the overthrow of the regime of President Viktor Yanukovych on February 22.  
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Mircea Lucescu:"I'm unique in the world."

Mircea Lucescu
Mircea Lucescu has turned 69 years yesterday and told us how he celebrate his birthday: "I was at a table with the President of the club. It's hard to celebrate otherwise, that are at peace. Now it's another situation. "

"Il Luce", the man who modesty never
gave out of the house, raised himself praises: "Indeed I'm in football for 51 years continuously. I'm unique in the world. "

Shakhtar Donetsk technician revealed that all South Americans who fled invoking incendiary situation in Ukraine have returned: "It was a coup attempt." "Il Luce" claims that he hasn't got details that would help his son Razvan, for the Europa League duel with Czechs Viktoria Plzen, the team that eliminated it in February of the same competition on Shakhtar Donetsk and now will give over  Razvan's team, Petrolul Ploiesti.

Lucescu revealed why he don't want to hear of a return home: "Why go back when I am successful with my team, I'm at the highest professional level, In the country there are other interests".
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Florin Salam's song "You've burned me in the heart" at BBC

Florin Salam radio BBC
Among the most beloved gipsy pop singerfrom Romania, Florin Salam known internationally public appreciation. Artist has conquered in 2011 BBC Radio's public with his song "You've burned me in the heart".

Salam's success in England is due to the famous DJ Rob Da Bank, from BBC One, which had invited Shantel (Stefan Hantel his real name), a Romanian-born artist. It brought a CD to DJ Barry with Salam's songs, which he presented as the last hit in music. Shantal talked about Salam's gipsy pop as being gangsta style, and one of the songs, "You've burned me in the heart", who also was aired on the BBC, is heard in the Balkan countries.

"Music is a kind of gangsta style. Gipsy pop is a revolutionary style. I heard the song for the first time in Turkey. This style is evolving and now is in great demand in Romania. Believe that in more than two years will arrive in Austria and Germany" said at the time the guest of the show from BBC Radio One.

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 Terrorists in Iraq have opened matrimonial agency

Terrorists in Iraq
Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) has made ​​matrimonial agency to recruit wives for jihadist fighters. Extremist group opened an office in northern Syria in Aleppo province, where single women or widows willing register, leaving their addresses where they can be found.

Then ISIL fighters can go to their families to make a formal offer of marriage. Moreover, as a wedding gift they will have a bus tour to Syria and Iraq.
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Tuesday, 29 July 2014
Romanian international Marius Niculae will play in Turkey

Sanliurfa Spor Kulübü Marius Niculae
The Romanian striker Marius Niculae (aged 33) fled from Hoverla Uzhhorod because of the war in Ukraine  and signed with a second division team in Turkey.

Romanian international has signed a contract for two seasons with the
anonymous team Sanliurfa Spor Kulübü (11th last season). The deal was announced by the Turkish group on the official site.

Marius Niculae has played at Dinamo, Sporting Lisbon, Standard Liege, FSV Mainz, FC Vaslui, Inverness and Shandong Luneng.

Marius Niculae is presented as a king of his new club. It has 43 selections and 15 goals in the national team and was a colleague of Cristiano Ronaldo from Sporting Lisbon. Niculae played at Euro 2008 and last performed for the first representative in the playoff against Greece for CM 2014.
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Ronaldinho want to retire from footbal when he will turn 42

Ronaldinho has terminated the contract with Brazilians Atletico Mineiro and can negotiate with other teams. Ronaldinho's contract with Atletico Mineiro unilaterally discontinued after a meeting between the 34 years old player, his brother and agent Roberto de Assis and club president Alexandre Kalil.

"On Wednesday we will announce the next destination of my brother. He will play up to 42 years," said agent Roberto de Assis. Among the teams that they want Ronaldinho are Boca Juniors, Fluminense, and some from American MLS.
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Why dinosaurs become extinct? Because they had bad luck.

dinosaurs bad luck
"Dinosaurs were the victims of a colossal bad luck," says a paleontologist, Dr. Steve Brusatte of the University of Edinburgh. Their disappearance would not only be due to the collision of Earth with a giant asteroid, but a combination of factors, which were combined in the most unfortunate for these creatures.

If the asteroid that gave the blow would come a little earlier or a little later in Earth history, dinosaurs could have survived. "Misfortune" them, says Dr. Brusatte, is that they had a large number of problems in a short time.

When the 10 km diameter asteroid struck the Earth now about 66 million years ago, dinosaurs were already vulnerable because of a series of events that had a negative impact on them.

Intense volcanic activity, changing sea water level and temperature fluctuations already had weakened food chains which included dinosaurs.

If the asteroid had hit a few million years earlier when species diversity was greater and more solid food chains, dinosaurs could have survived. Also, if the impact had occurred a few million years later, when it already evolved new species, this group of animals would be able to survive extinction, shows an international, published in the journal Biological Reviews.

But the asteroid "hit the most inopportune moment, when ecosystems which included dinosaurs were vulnerable," says Brusatte. Fall asteroid caused earthquakes, tsunamis, wild fires, sudden temperature fluctuations and other environmental changes that dinosaurs could not cope and destruction herbivorous dinosaurs that are the basis of food chains affected the species that feed on them. As a result, almost the entire group of dinosaurs disappeared. New study shows that "extinction was abrupt," says Dr. Brusatte; took place in a short time, a few tens or hundreds of thousands of years, slowly over millions of years, as claimed by other palentologi.

The only species in this group survived were those that evolve in today's bird. The research was performed predominant on dinosaur fossils in North America; remains as future studies may show whether these explanations are valid for dinosaurs in other parts of the world.
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North Korea is threatened again U.S. with a nuclear attack

North Korea map
A North Korean military official threatened with a nuclear attack on the White House and the Pentagon and accused Washington of exacerbating tensions on the peninsula, carrying out joint maneuvers with Seoul. "If the U.S. imperialists are threaten our sovereignty and survival, our troops will launch nuclear missiles on the White House and Pentagon, who are the source of all evil," said Hwang Pyong-So, general director of the Political Bureau, which is part of army, in a speech broadcast Monday and Sunday on television.

This is not the first time Pyongyang threatening a nuclear attack on the United States or U.S. bases in the Pacific. But experts estimate that the state has yet to devise an intercontinental ballistic missile capable of reaching the American continent. North Korea has conducted three nuclear tests, but has not yet mastered the miniaturization technology that would allow attachment of a nuclear bomb on a missile.
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Zinedine Zidane's newest goal at 42 years old (VIDEO)

Zinedine Zidane
Zizou has 42 years old, but age has nothing in common with the genius that he still shows in the ground. Coach of the second's team of Real Madrid, Zidane managed today to shoot a magic phase while coaching kids who dreams of playing in the Bernabeu. No comment. Only Zidane.

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Monday, 28 July 2014
Is Eva Victoria Amodeo, Maradona's newest girlfriend?

Eva Victoria Amodeo and Maradona
It seems that Diego Maradona likes blondes really hard, which should be younger than him with many years. After dealing with Veronica Ojeda and Rocio Oliva, both 30 years younger than the former footballer appeared on social networking in a photo with another blonde - Eva Victoria Amodeo.

Maradona was photographed with Eva Victoria Amodeo, another blonde, who published the pictures on Facebook. Loving attitude shown by the two gave birth to a new series of speculations. Is she his newest girlfriend?
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Ukraine sold her weapons to jihadists in Iraq

ISIS tank
Yanukovych regime illegally sold weapons of their own country for the sum of two billion dollars, especially to SIIL jihadist forces in Iraq. This was why the Ukrainian army could not cope with pro-Russian forces in the east. The rebels do what they want in the occupied areas and were even allowed to shoot down a civilian airliner full of passengers.

In early June, the radical Muslim movement, Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (SIIL) has launched an offensive in northeastern Iraq against official authorities in Baghdad. In any week, rebels jihadists already occupied much of north, capturing and processing units producing oil.

Soon came close to Baghdad, accompanied by tanks and heavy artillery. Everyone wondered: how did these rebels get in possession of heavy weapons
Well, the rebels were armed fee by officials in Kiev during Yanukovych.
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Sunday, 27 July 2014
China will build a super particle accelerator

china particle accelerator
China announced it would build the largest accelerator ever made. Besides asiatic project, CERN accelerator will be small, boasts Chinese researchers. If the accelerator will be completed by 2028, China will take the biggest advance in particle physics research.

Researchers at the Institute for High Energy Particle Physics in Beijing will focus in particular on the Higgs boson. "God particle" was discovered at CERN 2 years ago, after almost 50 years of theoretical speculation.

It was possible thanks to the LHC. If this is compared with a huge sledgehammer capable of smashing high-energy particle accelerator Chinese use less energy, which will result in collisions "cleaner" and thus an easier data analysis. Scientists are confident that this will enable them to disceanrna if the Higgs boson is indeed an elementary particle, according to the Standard Model, or something more complex.

The accelerator will have a circumference of 52 kilometers. For comparison, CERN ring has a diameter of only 27 kilometers. Price of the accelerator could rise to $ 3 billion, not too exaggerated, if we consider China's economy. Once put into operation, super collider Chinese could give birth again fears that will create a black hole that could destroy the Earth. The same theories have appeared in CERN's case. 

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Adrian Nastase has a frog as a pet in Jilava prison

Adrian Nastase has a frog
Adrian Nastase has made ​​a new friend in Jilava prison: it is a frog that got in the graft room. The episode was even told by the former prime minister on his blog. In the last post Nastase makes reference to how befriended "frog of 2-3 cm long", for which he caught flies to feed it.

"Afternoon at Jilava graft room, I saw a frog of 2-3 cm that was lost there. I took it with me in the cell and we looked together at a football match. Then I caught a few flies and fed her. The next morning, after I gave her food again, we organized a referendum in the ward and decided to release it under supervision, in the patch of garden in the courtyard ", Nastase wrote on his blog.

Adrian Nastase was sentenced on January 6, 2014 by the High Court of Cassation and Justice to four years imprisonment for bribery and three years for extortion in the file 'Zambaccian'. He also was convicted on June 20, 2012 to two years in prison in the case 'Quality Trophy', which has conducted eight months of detention, being paroled.  
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Saturday, 26 July 2014
 Former WWE Champion Daniel Bryan caught a burglar

WWE Champion Daniel Bryan caught a burglar
Former WWE Champion Daniel Bryan ran after two burglars that were surprised coming from a house Thursday night, said police spokesman in Phoenix, Tommy Thompson. Bryan was walking with his wife when he saw the suspects coming out of a garage. He ran after them, and managed to catch Cesar Sosa and kept him five minutes in a submission maneuver! "The thief was immobilized until we managed to get there," explained Sergeant Thompson. Sosa told investigators that he and his accomplice entered the mansion through the back door, but they gave up after operation was 'interrupted'.
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The house of Lviv's mayor, attacked with anti-tank missile

anti tank missile
An anti-tank missile was fired at the house of the mayor of Lviv, a nationalist stronghold in western Ukraine, announced on Saturday that authorities that have opened an investigation on this 'terrorist attack'.  The rocket, hit the corner of the building where no one was at the time of the attack that damaged roof beam and broke several windows, the mayor announced in a statement.

Mayor Andrew Sadovoe - a key figure of the movement to challenge pro-European and pro-Russian opposition to the regime of President Viktor Yanukovych dismissed in February - is gone on vacation with his family. 'An investigation was opened for this terrorist attack, "said local police chief Sergei Ziubanenko.

Lvov, a city of 750,000 inhabitants, located near the border with Poland, is a nationalist bastion ucrainofon in the country. Two Russian-speaking eastern regions of Ukraine are currently affected by a pro-Russian separatist bloody armed insurrection inspired - according to Kiev by Russia.
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Venezuela - a country rich in oil and natural gas

venezuela maracaibo lagoon
Venezuela has a rich subsoil, besides hydrocarbon reserves found in Maracaibo and Eastern region, the country has also important mining resources. In this sense, and once certified oil reserves in the Orinoco strip, consisting mainly of heavy oil and extragreu, the country will have the largest world oil reserves: 316,000 million barrels to 260.000 million barrels of confirmed reserves of Saudi Arabia. In December 2010, Venezuela confirmed reserves stood at 296.500 million barrels (including eastern Orinoco belt), according to figures from the Ministry of Energy and Petroleum, placing Venezuela first in the world.

Gas reserves are about 200 billion cubic feet, and the figure is growing because the operation is in its infancy. These figures Venezuela ranks first among the countries of Latin America and eighth in the world and seventh among OPEC countries.
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How to prepare fries in a healthy way

fries in a healthy way

If you are afraid that fries might be unhealthy, there is no need to worry, thinking that you have to eliminate them completely from your diet. Check a simple trick that will help you make a wise choice when it comes to fries. You have just to opt for thicker slices that will absorb less fat during the roasting process.
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Friday, 25 July 2014
Dan Voiculescu: Traian Basescu is a ridiculous dictator!

Traian Basescu si Dan Voiculescu

Romanian media mogul Dan Voiculescu, said that media outlets should not contribute to the dangerous actions of the President Traian Basescu, who began to attack the European partners in an anti-Russian campaign

"After having built a dictatorship in Romania, Traian Basescu is trying to impose ideas aggressively in the face of Europe and Russia" writes Dan Voiculescu on his blog. "It's ridiculous that a man of such small size to public judge hovering European partners, while anti-European positions and anti-Russian," says founding president of PC.
Dan Voiculescu notes that some publications play a dangerous game by supporting opinions of Traian Basescu. The founder of the Conservative Party is convinced that the President will continue to harm both the information that Romania can blackmail individuals from Romania and attitude that will take him to the European countries, after the mandate.

"Basescu wants to be seen as world leader in a dispute with Barack Obama, Angela Merkel and Vladimir Putin without realizing how ridiculous it is, but especially as concerns us all, how much harm can be done to this nation," writes Dan Voiculescu on his blog.
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Resons why tomatoes are good for health


One thing is certain: if tomatoes are not yet found in abundance in your diet, you should start to eat them as often as possible, especially in the summer months.

Reasons are many: these fruits (because the tomato is a fruit, not a vegetable) have a very high content of lycopene, which protects cellular DNA and reduces the risk of cancer, especially lung cancer. Tomatoes contain vitamins A, B, C, E and K, protects the body from free radicals, improve eyesight, regulate blood pressure and lower cholesterol levels, protects bone health (contain significant amounts of calcium and magnesium), strengthen the immune system and contribute to better assimilation of iron in the body.

Furthermore, tomatoes are great in a diet for appetite suppression because are decreasing ghrelin levels. Also are high in water and fiber, and in terms of calories, a medium tomato has about 20 calories.
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More than 50% of the teachers haven't passed the tenure exam in 2014 in Romania

teacher in romania
Romanian education system is down. Not only students failed their exams, but even teachers, which people should learn children are in the same situation. Over half of the teachers who have tenure exam failed to promote.

On July 25 to 26, teachers can register complaints. Final results of the examination of tenure will be published on July 30, 2014. 
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The richest village in the world is located in China

Huaxi China

With 2,000 registered inhabitants, the Chinese village of Huaxi is considered to be the richest village in the entire world and that is because each resident's bank accounts had each 200,000 euros. The village has grown significantly in the past 30 years, becoming today not only a tourist atraction but also a symbol of entrepreneurship and economic growth in China.

A major tourist attraction of the village is 328 meters tower located on the 15th position among the tallest buildings in the world, taller than the Eiffel Tower.

Among other things, the Chinese rich in Huaxi benefits and taxi service where taxis are helicopters. They carry passengers in Huaxi, located in the Chinese province of Jiangsu, neighboring cities in less than 10 minutes.

While the founding families have at least 200,000 euros in accounts, residents of nearby villages or those who moved later in Huaxi earn an average $ 10 per day. 

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Thursday, 24 July 2014
Girl sentenced to death after being raped by a mullah in a mosque in Afghanistan

people of Afghanistan

A ten years old girl in Afghanistan was raped by a mullah in a mosque and risk being murdered by their own relatives' family dishonor "after police took her from the shelter for women and returned to a parent. This may end in a tragic event, because of primitive traditions of the Afghans.

Mullah Mohammad Amin was arrested by police and confessed to having sex with the girl after hours of recitation of the Qur'an in the mosque was taking place on 1 May. Abuser claims that he didn't knew the girl's age, believing that she is at least 17 years and accuses her that she made ​​advances.  

According to the statement of the girl and the doctors who cared for her, the rape was so brutal that has caused fractures and severe vaginal bleeding that put her life in danger because the family was late to go to the hospital. Medical personnel file submitted photos from rape, violence certifying that has undergone, confirming the fact that the girl has a little over 20 kilograms and has not even entered puberty.

Two women officer who handled the case received a serious threat from the Afghan mullahs - some are even Taliban-and from other fellow officers. Everyone insists for the girl's age 17, an age at which girls are eligible for marriage, and for "seducing men." The last argument is used in almost all cases of rape in Afghanistan.

Once out of the hospital, the girl was taken to a shelter for women in Afghanistan, where he received treatment and counseling. The authorities have handled the case because they had information that the girl will be killed in an "honor killing" as dishonored the family. Mullah offered to marry her to save her from death, as is done traditionally in the region. Activists from the center insisted that she should remain in the shelter.

Last week, however, the inevitable happened: the local police decided to return the girl to her family, although she will be killed. The girl's case has repercussions on Afghan women's shelter, where she hosted the girl. Center director, Dr. Hassin Sarwar, began to receive death threats from the girl's family, and some mullahs, who insist that the girl is 17. Sarwar had to hide for several weeks in order to protect her's life. The last threat came from a police commander and head shelter said that she plans to leave the country, as no one can guarantee her safety, even authorities.  
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