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Sunday, 31 August 2014
Sentenced to 2 years and 9 months in prison for pirating a movie

piracy in united kingdom
33 months in prison is the punishment that received a young man in the UK that recorded the film "Fast & Furious 6" during projection in a cinema and then distributed it on the Internet.  The film illegally recorded has been downloaded 700,000 times online. Moreover, man has used Facebook to sell copies of the film at the price of 1.5 pounds.

Who helped him recording the film is an employee of the cinema. And he was punished too. The films in the series "Fast & Furious" have earned more than two billion dollars worldwide.
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Saturday, 30 August 2014
A chef was killed by a dead spitting cobra

chef cobra
Peng Fan of Foshan, Guangdong Province, southern China, prepare a special dish of a cobra in Indochina. After 20 minutes, however, after he beheaded the cobra, it's head bit his hand. Serpent's head, thrown in the trash was the one who bit the cook, spewing venom in the body's killer.
The snake was partitioned to be prepared in the form of a soup. This dish is a delicacy, a dish highly sought after in fancy restaurants.

A client says: "We were having dinner with my wife, when I saw a lot of commotion. I did not know what was happening, but I could hear shouts from the kitchen. They scream for a medic. The restaurant was not either, and until the arrival of rescue, chef died. I could not eat. "

Police say the man died before were given anti-venom. Victims of this type of snake neurotoxins asphyxiate after it paralyzes the respiratory system. "It is an unusual case seems rather an accident. The man had a very severe reaction to the bite. Could not do anything to save him. Only anti-venom could, but it was not taken in time. He had bad luck. It was a tragic accident, "said police officer.

Spitting cobras are living in Southeast Asia, including Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos and Burma. Their meat is seen as a delicacy, and the skin is used by designers to make things very expensive. For many centuries these snakes are eaten as delicacies or used in traditional medicine.
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Friday, 29 August 2014
 Oana Roman spectacular lost 20 kg in weight

oana-roman a slabit
This year was the Roman Oana as a black and white game with happiness. Mommy of a beautiful girl, Oana could not fully enjoy the wonderful moments of motherhood because medical error led to a hospital bed, on the verge of losing her life.

But for Oana, chance smiled again and she recovered after operations they suffered, so he could enjoy the wedding of Marius and baptized her daughter, Maria Isabela. Suffering has left traces on the star but that weakened in a few months, more than 20 kilograms.

"I had huge health problems after cesarean. A third operation was very complicated, lasted several hours, and the doctor saved me. Now are more relaxed, at first in very quickly in panic. Marius is my balance. I be able to make a serious depression, but I had people loved me. recovered and if I want God, I would never want a child, a boy, "said Oana Roman at Pro TV.
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Thursday, 28 August 2014
Steaua Bucharest eliminated from Champions League by Cosmin Moti

Козмин Моти
Steaua missed the dream of reaching for the eighth time in the Champions League after a real thriller in Sofia. Former Dinamo player Cosmin Moti entered after elimination of goalkeeper Stoyanov and the shootout, defended the executions of Parvulescu and Rapa. The nightmare began in 1 minute when Tanase was injured. In minute 90, "red-blue" received a fabulous goal and it came in overtime. Nothing happened until the shootout, when, though without a real goalkeeper, Ludogorets qualified.

Steaua never lose on penalties in the European Cups. Winning to FC Barcelona in the European Champions Cup final, FC Valencia, the Grasshoper Zurich and Ajax Amsterdam. However,
Cosmin Moti came as a past defender from Dinamo. To humiliate his rivals executed first shootout. It is certainly the darkest page in the club's recent history of the Ghencea club, unforgettable nightmare. And also they wasted 20 million euros, money that would have ensured a brighter financial future.
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Wednesday, 27 August 2014
Miley Cyrus helped a homeless man at MTV Music Awards

Jesse Helt Miley Cyrus
A year ago, Miley Cyrus took the stage at the MTV Music Awards where she gave a performance considered by many at the limit of pornography. Blamed for how she decided to climb on stage, but also outrageous gestures she makes to the public - such as that of smoking during a gale of European music - Miley even became banned in some countries which are the most conservative, like the Dominican Republic.

But after her gesture from last night at the MTV Music Awards, Miley Cyrus is likely to wash her public image. 21 year old singer won the award for best video at this year's edition of the MMA, the controversial song track "Wrecking Ball". But Miley, who was in the room, even the first, refused to go on stage to receive their award. Instead, she sent a young unknown man to get the trophy.

It was later learned that the man who was dressed as the event's dress code - black suit - a homeless man named Jesse. He lives in a center for homeless people in Hollywood, and his merit Miley's success was that he urged young people to access the large number of the artist's Facebook page.

"I survive in shelters throughout the city. I cleaned the room and have all appeared as an extra in movies and in your lives. Besides these doors are 54,000 people who do not have a place to call it" home". The young man's emotional speech to tears Miley subsequently, which has urged fans on Facebook to donate "to put an end to this situation where there are people homeless."
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Tuesday, 26 August 2014
Elena Udrea accept "ALS Ice Bucket Challenge"

Elena Udrea PMP ice bucket challange
Elena Udrea was challenged by former Prime Minister Emil Boc to join the campaign "ALS Ice Bucket Challenge '. The famous blonde from the Romanian policy said that she will pour a bucket of water on her head and will do this in front of the Government building.

Situated in Alba Iulia, Elena Udrea respond to the challenge launched by Emil Boc and will pour a bucket of water on the head, in Bucharest, near the Government.  The politician which she will chalange is none other than Prime Minister Victor Ponta.

"I accept the challenge of Mr. Emil Boc. I wanted to do it in the Fortress of Alba Iulia, but I had this press conference and could not come to you after I put my head a bucket of water and ice.  So if I made ​​it to the Citadel, I'm going to Bucharest and to challenge before the Government Mr. Victor Ponta, to wake him up with a cold water bath "Elena Udrea said in a press conference.

Ice Bucket Challenge was launched by an American from Massachusetts, diagnosed with ALS, who tried by this method to raise public awareness about this disease autonomic, affecting the brain and spinal cord, leading to paralysis. The idea was successful on social networks not only ordinary people but from politicians and personalities from various fields. Started seeing results, donations to ALS Foundation incredibly increasing as said Carol Hamilton, director of the Institute of Cognitive therapies for ALS in Massachusetts.

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Monday, 25 August 2014
How Italians are trying to solve the problem of beggars

beggars in Italy
A few months ago, Venice and Verona authorities have decided to punish with heavy fines beggars. Moreover, they will be fined including those who give money and encourages begging. Verona mayor said that those who give money to beggars will be fined amounts ranging from 25 euros to 500 euros.

"The local police will be responsible for monitoring beggars and those who encourage the manifestation of mercy will be photographed and then legitimated, will subsequently receive the fines by mail," said a local of Verona.

A few days ago a campaign initiated by several traders in Catania, Sicily - Italy, which ask people not to give money to beggars, has spread in many cities and is likely to reach across the country.

For example, in front of a supermarket in the province of Emilia Romagna, a city of 134,000 inhabitants, was posted the message: "Customers are asked not to be generous to beggars in front of the store, they earn between 60 and 100 euros per day, as a skilled Italian ".
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Triangle of death in Black Sea, another Bermuda Triangle

triangle of death in Black Sea
There is an incredible phenomena occurring near the Romanian Black Sea shore. Over-called triangle of death, the phenomenon identified in the Black Sea in the vicinity of Serpents Island moves in the direction of Sulina, on the Romanian coast.

The Bermuda Triangle is manifested by extreme magnetic anomalies. Locals have learned to stay away from this area, learning these things from parents and grandparents. They say that a strange phenomenon portends darkness. Scientific sources come to confirm some of the stories of people who live in the area, especially from Ukrainian scientists as "bloody water" is near neighboring countries.

In the Black Sea, near the Snake Island, located 45 km north-west of Sulina is a real Bermuda Triangle. Residents of Sulina have reason for concern: according to the latest measurements, the damned area is get close, slowly but surely, to the city. Although the area is known since the Middle Ages, few have heard of this triangle, called the death triangle. The Turks made ​​the first stories about the strange vortex. Countless stories reports on disappearances surprising calm waters in broad daylight.

Researchers have found that there is an area offshore of 8-10 km, the triangular relationship, they manifest a peculiar form of magnetism, totally abnormal to the manifested, for example, the flux and reflux times in different phases of the moon. Top stories of some strange fenemone as tall columns of white steam that swallowed ships have fast made ​​centuries ago by some Turkish sailors who barely escaped the vortices. Russian story talking about the same white columns in an instant swallowed ships whole, disappearances occurred in broad daylight.

Russian and Ukrainian scientists have concluded that the fault of the mysterious triangle magnetic cell in the Black Sea opens at a fraction of a second to several minutes. This magnetic anomaly is moving slowly through the Black Sea, and at the moment, the Romanian seaside, specifically at Sulina. Is it a gateway to another world? Paranormal enthusiasts support this theory, but only them. 

Romanian and Bulgarian fishermen have avoided the coastline, since there were some legends and superstitions that the water is cursed. Athens Greek press note that it is necessary to state clearly that Romanian officials are the coordinates of this form to avoid certain disaster. Greek private plane has disappeared in this area and, according to the source, Russian officials say, every two days, this mysterious phenomenon occurs. and here hypothesize that these abnormalities could be gateways to worlds that open only at certain times.
fisherman scared by triangle of death
Scientific facts are recognized by a study conducted by researchers at Harvard, supported by NASA Astrophysics Data System This signals the magnetic anomalies in the Black Sea, citing a paper written on the subject of Russians Osipov AA Terekhov GVsi the 1978 rule , magnetic anomalies occur due to the existence of one or more deposits usually occur in feroase- fault ruptures in the Earth's crust reflections or other such unusual geological phenomena. Overcoming scientific studies, all those who were hit by this phenomenon, in one way or another say that there are anomalies "evil" that is manifested by a pathogenic radiation emission.   

These "evil anomalies" were state secret in the USSR, and after the opening of archives and the first evidence emerged about the disappearances of ships. On 31 May 1944 the cruiser Tiolkovsloi disappeared without a trace south of Crimea, 70 km offshore, in broad daylight. Witness was captain a ship nearby, which told that that cruiser was suddenly enveloped by a fog black with green flashes, and just disappeared from radar screens, although the weather was good foarten. Followed, after five months, five military planes entered the green flashing black fog and disappeared from radar screens on which were traced. They have never been found.

Researchers observed a strange coincidence but, spent in different parts of the world but similar in terms of anomalies and phenomena occurred. Thus, on December 5, 1945, five American bombers TBM-3 Avenger Grumnan type, disappeared in the darkness of the Bermuda Triangle of the Americas. Inexplicably, other 5 Russian bombers disappeared on the same day within the Triangle of Death near the Crimea, only 70 km from shore. Russian rescuers have not found any trace of them, and the last broadcast signaled a bunch of riders who could not get out.

Closer to our days, in 1990, a small
Greek plane disappear only 30-40 km from Romanian shore in a place where the Romanian and Bulgarian fishermen don't walk because of legends and superstitions about "bloody water".  

Russian scientists say that these magnetic anomalies are disturbing frequency, producing a one to two days. Currently, the Ukrainian army carefully studying the magnetic fault that moves slowly from their area, to the Romanian territorial waters. The American television channel ABC, both in the Bermuda Triangle (between Bermuda, Puerto Rico and Miami) and the "Triangle of Death" in the Black Sea observed a strange fire "burning ice"

Another unexplained phenomenon produced in the target vessels flying electric generators. It works, but electricity produced not reach the consumer, the situation remains unclear.
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Sunday, 24 August 2014
 Romanian Government wants compulsory education from 3 years

remus pricopie
Since 2018, in Romania, education would be compulsory from the age of 3 years. This statement belongs to Education Minister, Remus Pricopie. The Minister said that it could be amended the Education Act in Parliament or through an Emergency Ordinance, so as to be introduced compulsory education from five years from 2015.

Pricopie believes that these measures are necessary because students are increasingly unprepared and are showing very poor after evaluation exams eighth grade, and Baccalaureate.

"One skilled teacher knows what to do with a
three years child and when you have a child of three years at the high group, the differences between children will disappear. We see that at the preparatory class are children who know how to read to use numbers while other children do not even understand what it is. If we keep in kindergarten for three years and prepare them properly then you care not only of his intellectual development but you take care of the child's physical, "said Remus Pricopie.
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Madonna broke up with her ​​boyfriend 30 years younger

madonna Timor Steffens
Madonna (aged 56) confirmed that she broke up with her ​​much younger boyfriend, Dutch choreographer Timor Steffens (aged 26)

It all happened during the holiday in Europe, the artist was with Timor, her children and many friends to celebrate her birthday.

With just a few days before the anniversary, Madonna and Timor quarreled and diva told him to take his luggage and leave. The two formed a couple early.
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 A 24-year-old football player died after being hit by an object thrown from the stands

bloody soccer ball
Cameroonian striker from the team JS Kabylie, Albert Ebosse, died Saturday night after being struck by an object thrown from the stands at the end of the match with USM Alger 1-2, in the second stage of the championship of Algeria.

Cameroonian player for 24 years died at Tizi Ouzou hospital in Kabylie, where he had been transported. Albert Ebosse scored the only goal of his team in the match against USM Alger and defeat provoked anger fans, who began throwing objects from the stands when players headed locker room. 
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Saturday, 23 August 2014
Donbass Arena has been damaged by artillery shelling

donetsk donbass arena
Donbass Arena in Donetsk, where plays Shakhtar, was bombed this morning and suffered serious damage. The military situation in eastern Ukraine is deteriorating from day to day. The stadium where they play their home matches until a few months ago was destroyed. The decision to go to Kiev to prepare players and support home matches at Lviv was inspired for the team managed by Mircea Lucescu.

"Two powerful explosions took place at Donbass Arena. Following these, there were significant damage on the northwest face of the stadium, which affected communications systems, equipment and north disconnected from power supply system ", said the
official website of the Ukrainian group. 

Explosions took place at Donbass Arena stadium belonging to the club owned by Rinat Akhmetov.
Shakhtar moved their headquarters to Lviv, due to armed conflict in the Donetsk, and it may not have a place to return. Ukrainian Championship was discontinued after four rounds and will resume on August 29. In this weekensd Cup matches are scheduled in Ukraine, Shakhtar will play tonight, traveling to Obolon.
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Miley Cyrus banned in Dominican Republic

Miley Cyrus Dominican Republic
Miley Cyrus (aged 21) was banned in the Dominican Republic. Specifically, the authorities have canceled a controversial concert that the singer had to sustain on September 13 on Quisqueya Stadium in Santo Domingo, on the grounds that American singer customary to show in his performances of acts, contrary to morality and customs of the country.

A committee of Dominican culture ministry announced that prohibits artist concert in the Dominican Republic, arguing that in addition to displaying inappropriate attire, she makes use of language and images that incite sex and violence.

"Miley Cyrus uses perverse images, phrases with double meanings that are condoning murder and violence which affect personal integrity and violates the rights of children and adolescents," said a representative of the Commission.
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Friday, 22 August 2014
BikeFest 2014, the largest event for urban cyclists in Romania

bikefest 2014
Izvor Park in Bucharest will host from 13 to 14 September the largest event dedicated to urban cyclists in Romania: BikeFest 2014. For two days, BikeFest 2014 invites you to funny competitions: a Pentathlon five new evidence, leisure activities, time spent with good friends, great concerts and many, many awards. Here are some of the most interesting activities to BikeFest 2014:

1. I'Velo Pentathlon - is a competition with five new competitions dedicated to cyclists who want to demonstrate their skills to face the challenges of daily traffic. This year, Pentathlon 2014 will take place on a 3 km trail in the Izvor Park and will include five new evidence that will make the daily challenges that avoiding potholes in Bucharest traffic landscape, climbing stairs with the bike, slalom through congested traffic a true demonstration of strength and adrenaline bike in urban areas.

2.  Charity bicycle tour - starting at 16:00 cycling in the name of a good cause. Every year, the Green Revolution Association, donates bicycles for youth or children which are in need. Is needed the entire community of cyclists to bring smiles on the faces of helpless children. For every 20 cyclists attended the tour will donate a bike to a child who needs it to travel the few kilometers between school and home.

3. The largest marathon cycling and aerobics in Romania, organized by World Class Romania. 400 bikes and the best cycling and aerobics instructors are trained to provide an atmosphere of energy during the 6 hour marathon. 

4Two on a bicycle, the funniest competition dedicated to couples, friends or family. 2 on a  bike is fun and positive energy and brings together friends and family members in a unique and entertaining space.  

5. School of bikes, powered by Nescafé - for two days, beginners are teached cycling as easy in traffic.  

6. X-treme Bike - professionals will do the stunt bike demonstrations and will teach some tricks.

7. Super concerts and stand-up comedy.

8. Urban Picnic area - a relaxing time on the green grass, smiles and good humor, the right ingredients for a great day.  

9. BikeFest Expo brings the major stores and the most famous manufacturer of bicycles with super deals on bicycles and accessories. 
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Monday, 11 August 2014
 One of the fastest cars in Nazi Germany was restored

Mercedes-Benz 540 K Streamliner
Mercedes engineers have restored one of the most spectacular designs in automotive history. Mercedes-Benz 540 K Streamliner was built in 1938 and had a top speed up to 185 km / h"540 K Streamliner is the embodiment of perfection in its purest form," said Michael Bock, head of Mercedes-Benz Classic and CustomerCenter.

The model who was one of the most important achievements of Nazi Germany, was painstakingly restored by experts of giant Daimler Benz and will be shown on August 17th at Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance. 

540 K Streamliner was built in 1938 in Sindelfingen plant. It was designed especially for the Berlin-Rome race cars. But never got to compete because, meanwhile, the war began and the rally was canceled. During the war, the car was used to test the new Dunlop tires, and in 1945 was withdrawn in garages. At 76 years away, the Mercedes  decided to ignore the association of the model with Hitler. So they went to restore it with many original parts.
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On September 9, Apple will launch iPhone 6

iPhone 6
Apple is preparing to launch on September 9, the next generation of iPhone 6. From the informations on sources, the phone has a good chance to win the title of smartphone of 2014This iPhone had big chances to blow away the competition.

The most important novelty brought by the new iPhone 6 is the screen. The smartphone will be launched in two variants, namely 4.7 and 5.5 inches, both models of course with Retina DisplayBeyond the screen, Apple iPhone 6 will use new materials that will make it more resistant to scratches and bumps - and the most important is sapphire, which will cover the new screen. Experts say sapphire screen will be practically indestructible and that this new technology will revolutionize the mobile market.

Both iPhone 6 will have a metal profile and will be thinner by 9% than iPhone 5, but 10% heavier. The new iPhone 6 will come with a better camera (most likely new sensor photo / video 13 MP Sony Exmor) and includes, in the end, and NFC - technology that will allow the user to use the phone for all sorts activities, from opening doors with electronic chip shopping payments.

iPhone 6 will come with sensors that will measure the temperature, atmospheric pressure and humidity. The new iPhone 6 could be a new version of Touch fingerprint sensor, performance is far and a number of dedicated applications. New iPhone 6, considering the screen size will be fitted with a new battery more efficient. For the 4.7 inch screen will be a 1810 mAh battery, while the 5.5-inch iPhone will have a 2500 mAh one. 
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Sunday, 10 August 2014
Anonymous people won't have access to Wi-Fi in Russia

steve jobs, dmitry medvedev
Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev signed a decree banning anonymous internet connection in  restaurants, metro, parks and other places that offer Wi-Fi networks, on Friday.

With the entry into force of the law, all those who want to connect to a Wi-Fi will have to present an identity document. Moreover, the operators of these networks will have to keep for six years user information. Also, the hardware must be identified.

The new decree is in line with other restrictive measures imposed by Putin to internet as bloggers law, which known voices online are required to register with the government, by this measure the government creating leverage in order to see more easily where you are posting on the Internet, in order to avoid the emergence of new type phenomena as Navalny - the blogger who caused a sensation by publishing information about corruption in the Kremlin leaders.

And China, another country known for Internet censorship and inhuman punishment of dissidents, imposed restrictive rules these days for internet users. Chinese who want to use social media networks will be required to register with the government, using real names and to swear to "respect the socialist system."

The new measure will have impact on the 400 million users of social media. Twitter and Facebook are banned in China, where the government spent huge amounts of money to censor opinions on the internet and stop broadcasting any news about events that tarnish the reputation of the regime, such as the massacre of students in Tiananmen Square and the persecution of Falun Gong.

A similar package of laws prepares Romania. These so-called cyber surveillance law and the law of prepaid cards, legislation which seeks to monitor computers (in other words, the law establishes electronic search without a warrant), identification, most likely by presenting the card, those accessing Wi-Fi networks available in the public and restricted the sale of SIM card only.

Law prepaid cards was voted on July 2 in the Chamber of Deputies with 195 votes "for" and only 20 votes "against" and was challenged in the Constitutional Court by the Ombudsman, while cybersecurity law, adopted by the Government, is yet in the Chamber.
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